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I went live with the new theme and my site went from "same old, same old," to "WOW!"

Now, for the price of dinner out with my boyfriend I have a site that finally does me and my brand justice! It makes me smile every time I click over to it! And because it's designed to be flexible, I can update it super-easily whenever I want.

I love my new website!!! Thank you

   Photographer and traditional artist, Jock started his photography career in the mid 70s with the police scene of crime unit, later specialising in long range poor light surveillance photography. After a short period in noughties working with digital video production he made the switch from film to digital stills cameras.  Working entirely with digital media for the last 13 years has enabled me to become an experienced digital photographer with a firm know lighting and digital imaging. This often leads to creative ways to complete shots that others may not have thought possible.                                            


Jock a graduate from UCLan. with a BSc (hon.) in Multimedia and Web Design has a strong design background and a working knowledge of the latest multimedia technology allowing a focus on integrating photography with graphic design, this technical expertise is enhanced by his attention to detail.
Jock feels expressing your creativity on your website should be easy and compelling for potential clients. With most websites, that isn't the case. But our solution shows your work the way you intended.
Jock will work with you to create a website you will want to show to everyone. He'll employ his expertise in Search Engine Optimization to ensure the customers in your area find you when searching for your service.




Graphic Design

The message must be clear. Whether a poster, brochure, logo, or Web site — the design should emphasize the message.

 The basic principles of design apply to all design disciplines — writing, graphics, art and architecture, even fashion and poetry. The principles of design are tools we use to format the elements of design (colour, shape, texture, etc.). Here are some of the essentials we try to follow.

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