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What people say about us....

I went live with the new theme and my site went from "same old, same old," to "WOW!"

Now, for the price of dinner out with my boyfriend I have a site that finally does me and my brand justice! It makes me smile every time I click over to it! And because it's designed to be flexible, I can update it super-easily whenever I want.

I love my new website!!! Thank you

Our design packages cover 3 of the most popular site descriptions that Focus Web Design receives. By merging them into packages we believe we can simplify the design process for future clients without degrading the quality of the end product.

If you take one of these packages Focus Web Design will design a dynamic and effective web site for you, taking into consideration content, visual impact, ease of navigation and download speed for a realistic price.
Choose one of our 3 packages, check out our complete list of our web design services or contact us for a quote.
Web Packages
Your Logo Design and Consultation Design and Consultation Design and Consultation
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Homepage Homepage Homepage Homepage
Contact Details Contact form Contact form Contact form
max 4 static images 5 Sub pages 11 Sub pages 17 Sub pages
Setup £50 Setup £150 Setup £350 Setup £600
(no animation or extras) Domains arranged if neccessary Domains arranged if neccessary Domains arranged if neccessary


Graphic Design

The message must be clear. Whether a poster, brochure, logo, or Web site — the design should emphasize the message.

 The basic principles of design apply to all design disciplines — writing, graphics, art and architecture, even fashion and poetry. The principles of design are tools we use to format the elements of design (colour, shape, texture, etc.). Here are some of the essentials we try to follow.

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