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I went live with the new theme and my site went from "same old, same old," to "WOW!"

Now, for the price of dinner out with my boyfriend I have a site that finally does me and my brand justice! It makes me smile every time I click over to it! And because it's designed to be flexible, I can update it super-easily whenever I want.

I love my new website!!! Thank you

A nice litttle project to help tidy up all those pillows etc.

Download plans

Blanket Chest Plan (PDF)



Sure there are a few pretty nice biscuit joiners you can buy, but the Porter-Cable 557 is the best. It's powerful, the bail is attached to the fence, not the motor, and it offers a wide range of cutting angles. Let your LOYL buy you one for your birthday. You've earned it.


Member Tips

  • Zero Clearance Insert Material

    I needed to make a new zero clearance insert for my tablesaw. In the past, I've used a piece of UHWM...

  • Homemade table saw fence

    With just three pieces of scrap wood. The oak cleat rides on this Dewalt Jobsite Tablesaw's fence...

  • A clamp for odd shapes

    For things like chair or stool legs. Yep, there are band clamps out there, if you want to spend some...



  • Gluing and Clamping Tips




  • Spice Up a Kitchen Drawer

I like to think my woodworking makes our house a little nicer place to live. Here’s an example: I used to empty half the spice cupboard just to find the coriander for my curry. This drawer-sized spice rack was the perfect solution. A few scraps of plywood and a little glue are all you need.Lay it in your drawer and all your spice bottles are neatly arranged and visible. It sure is satisfying to find a little project that lets you visit the shop for a couple of hours and come away with a truly useful project.alt

Note: The dimensions given will work for most drawers, but every drawer is different. Cut a couple test pieces to make sure your spice bottles will fit


Graphic Design

The message must be clear. Whether a poster, brochure, logo, or Web site — the design should emphasize the message.

 The basic principles of design apply to all design disciplines — writing, graphics, art and architecture, even fashion and poetry. The principles of design are tools we use to format the elements of design (colour, shape, texture, etc.). Here are some of the essentials we try to follow.

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