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Recently, Focus Web Design has been receiving many e-mail messages which we consider to be spam. These have been sent either directly to our e-mail addresses or through the form on our contact page, and most of them are asking us to outsource our web development services to these companies, many of which are located overseas.

If your intention is to market your products to us, then before you send your message to us, please give us a call to check if we would like to receive it. This is in accordance with anti-spam laws.

We receive hundreds of spam messages per day, and we certainly don't appreciate them. The companies that send these messages certainly don't receive any praise from us, nor do we decide to work with them - we simply delete the message. So, the time spent in sending and deleting these messages is wasted time for both parties.
So, What Is Spam?
Spam is defined as "Unsolicited Commercial E-mail". If we didn't ask to get the e-mail, and it is trying to sell us something, it is spam. Basically, the bottom line is: if the e-mail is trying to sell us something, and the sender doesn't know us personally or we haven't given permission for them to send the message, it is spam. If you're not sure, just pick up the phone and call us.
And, What Isn't Spam?
E-mails from current clients, or prospective clients, and e-mails from prospective employees containing their resumes are not considered spam. Also, e-mails from people asking questions about our services, even if they have no intention to buy, are not considered spam. If we receive e-mails from prospective clients that also are trying to sell us something as part of a contra deal, this is not considered spam.
Further Information
If you would like further information on spam, including how you can help fight the war, please visit the Spam Primer site.

If you are in doubt about our stance outlined here, please feel free to contact us.




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